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About the Programs

MBA in Environmental Sustainability

  • In-depth technical knowledge gain on Environmental Management System, Environmental impact and life-cycle assessment, Environmental Social and Governance measures and techno-managerial skills for a holistic professional development.
  • Multidisciplinary program that develops analytical problem-solving capabilities with advanced digital tools and technologies to implement strategies for environmental sustainability.
  • Wide range of electives that include disaster management, water and waste water management and government strategies.

MBA in Sustainable Energy Management

  • Comprehensive technical knowledge on current scenario and practices in energy sector with a focus on conventional and renewable energy systems, clean energy transition to develop carbon neutral enterprises with a focus on sustainable finance and project appraisal.
  • Develop techno-managerial skills and abilities to perform energy audits and risk assessment with advanced digital tools to enable strategic decision-making and lead by entrepreneurship development and innovation.
  • Flexible industry focused electives in the areas of sustainability, advances in sustainable energy management, business analytics and digital transformation in the energy sector.

Why Study at NICMAR?

  • Legacy: Four decades of expertise in management education.
  • Industry Connect: Significant linkages with industry and government agencies.
  • Experienced Faculty: Well-qualified faculty with strong industry exposure and academic expertise.
  • Infrastructure: State-of-the-art library, classrooms, hostels, ICT, sports facilities etc.
  • Research: Liberal research and funding support from university, industry and government sector.
  • Student Support: Awards and scholarship schemes, funding for student activities.

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