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About the Programs

B.Tech in Civil Engineering

  • Learn Coding, Python programming, and digital applications such as AI, ML, Robotics, Construction data analytics, Blockchain, and Digital Twin for projects.
  • A comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from structural engineering to geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering to environmental engineering.
  • Get access to state-of-the-art labs, advanced software, and India’s first commercial-size 3D printer on campus.
  • Leverage a strong industry tie up, and intern at top construction companies.
  • Get assistance for placement opportunities in the dynamic and burgeoning US infrastructural sector.
  • Leverage multiple career paths - transition to a 5-year integrated MBA with the provision for micro-specialization in a field of your choice in the 4th year, and an opportunity to earn B.Tech Honors.

Integrated MBA (BBA + BBA Hons. + MBA)

  • The program fosters: - Individual growth with team spirit - Harmony with self and the environment - Confidence with empathy - Holistic development aligned with purpose - Brilliance with resilience - Rigor with the joy of learning
  • Holistic curriculum with a mix of Science and Technology, Analytics, Humanities, Creativity, Communications, Digital competencies, and Business Management.
  • 7 choice-based specialization streams in Year V: Business Analytics | Marketing Analytics and Digital Strategies | Infrastructure Management | Financial Strategies | People and Communication | Supply Chain Management | Management Consulting.
  • 3 choice-based specialization streams for BBA Hons.: Business Methods | Real Estate Management | Information Technology.

Why Study at NICMAR?

  • Legacy: Four decades of expertise in management education.
  • Industry Connect: Significant linkages with industry and government agencies.
  • Experienced Faculty: Well-qualified faculty with strong industry exposure and academic expertise.
  • Infrastructure: State-of-the-art library, classrooms, hostels, ICT, sports facilities etc.
  • Research: Liberal research and funding support from university, industry and government sector.
  • Student Support: Awards and scholarship schemes, funding for student activities.

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