You can meet friends in expansive libraries and historic classrooms but you'll uncover cozy reading nooks stumble across sun-kissed lawns and discover the joys of roommates and late-night study sessions in an around Hostel.

This is a place of far-ranging conversations where you'll get to know fellow new students. In addition, you'll engage with your peers during many activities in Hostels like Table tennis, Chess, Carroms or even outdoor sport like football, cricket, badminton etc.

As you grow more familiar with the faces and places around you, you'll begin to recognize something else a feeling of belonging, teamwork, a helping mind-set, a sense of unity and sacrifice.

Experience the ideal preparation for life beyond NICMAR by surrounding yourself with people who contribute a variety of viewpoints to your life.

Prof. Onkar K. Chothe

Asst. Professor (Chief Warden)

NICMAR, Hyderabad Campus


..of the students, for the students, by the students

Student Housing

Surrounded by lush green fields, our four hostels provide a serene atmosphere for peaceful pursuit of knowledge.

  • 412 Wi-Fi enabled rooms for boys
  • 70 Wi-Fi enabled rooms for girls
  • 24X7 water supply
  • 24x7 generator back up facility
  • 24X7 CCTV camera surveillance

Dignity is non-negotiable

Executive housing

When it comes to training executives, we remember that dignity is non-negotiable. Therefore we had a separate MDC block ‘Brahmam’ with best in class amenities both for learning and staying.

I recall shedding tears while leaving home to join Hostel. Even now tears are rolling down as I walk out of my hostel for the last time. Two incidents, one reason, “I miss my Family

Ms. Nilashri Chaudhari

Placecomm Coordinator, Student Council 2021-22


Good food is good mood

Campus Dining

Massive dining area with a capacity of 500 students.

Meals are the backdrop to some of the Campus most rewarding experiences: sharing stories, debating ideas, forming friendships. Mess facility is endowed with a fully-equipped kitchen with capacities to prepare and provide food to 1000+ students in one go.

Mess is run by the student Mess Committee of the hostel under general supervision of a Mess Supervisor. The Committee oversees the preparation of items on Menu and their quality, and co-ordinates with the Mess Supervisor. Recommendations are taken from the students and the menu is designed to balance the taste & nutrition for keeping you fit and healthy.

Be it Vada Sambar or Biryani or Paneer Kofta or Chinese fried rice or Vada pav, we cover it all to satisfy your taste buds.

Missing festival vibes? Don’t worry! Special menu on festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Christmas etc., is also arranged by the Committee with the help of students so that the students can enjoy the festival vibe together.

Off-campus Dining

Enjoy Worlds favorite Hyderabadi Biryani at Pista House or enjoy a Continental at Sun & Moon Restro or grab an on-the-go snack at Bits & Bites or have a Punjabi style Tadka at Haveli Dhaba. Boundless options to try out a new cuisine!!

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Residential life @ Campus