Get ready to play a key role in most demanded field in worldwide which blends the recent practices with logistics and Supply Chain Industry. This Programme that caters the needs of Logistics and supply chain Industry.

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This Programme imparts knowledge and train young graduates from multi-disciplinary fields and the competency to oversee and manage every stage of the sourcing and procurement of raw materials and distribution of finished products

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A logistics professional has to provide good service to customer in upstream and down stream of supply chain and create the value to the business. This programme intends to provide substantial expertise in logistics and supply chain management. The programme develops skills that are needed for today’s dynamic businesses by incorporating a subtle balance between theory and practice.


The program is designed for One-year full time with extensive industry exposure. The list comprises numerous subjects as per the current logistics and supply chain Industry needs. They are

Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This course develops student understanding of what is logistics and supply chain management. It will also cover the key parameters of logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore, the course develops the core fundamentals of supply chain structure and logistics management

Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis

Imparting education on the labour market, an overview of macroeconomics, methods for measuring economic activity, investment, consumption, aggregate demand, business cycles, monetary policies, and their relationship to the economy, business cycles, aggregate supply and demand foundations, fiscal and monetary policy, and inflation. Also familiarize the students with the principles, concepts and standards of accounting.

Quantitative Methods for Decision making

This watercourse helps to convert the real-life problems in to a quantitative model and provides the solution to the business needs in day to day basis.

Operations Management

This course makes the students to understand the how the resources are transformed to the valuable products and optimise their utilization.

Inventory Management

This course equips the learners to understand classification of materials in various Industries and its importance in enhancing the business turnover.

Warehousing and Freight Transportation Management

Today all business organizations require to store and dispatch the Goods/materials through warehouse. It plays a key role in business operations, especially in e-commerce business for meeting the timely delivery schedules.

Supply Chain Risk Management

To make students aware of the various risks associated with supply chain management and to provide knowledge on strategies, processes, and systems for effectively managing them. To recognize cultural, ethical, and legal parameters to consider when planning supply chain risk management. To give students hands-on experience with 'Analysis of risk in projects.

Managerial Communication

In this course students get acquainted with various strategies and aspects of communications applied in supply chain business.

Supply chain Automation & ERP

To equip students with procedures and steps to understand and demonstrate automation and ERP concepts in supply chain management (SCM).

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

This course enlightens the process of handling the goods in an environmentally friendly manner from transportation, storage and dispatching in a way that is environmentally friendly and efficient. This includes using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and minimizing emissions.

Supply Chain Design

The success of Supply chain network depends on effective supply chain network design. To impart and train students to design and optimize the physical, financial, and information flows of a supply chain to enhance construction project / organization performance.

Shipping and Port Management

In this course the students are enlightened and equipped with through knowledge on functioning structure of shipping industry and different administrative skills needed for carrying the shipping business. Students are also familiar with sound port administration and management strategies.

Hyderabad Campus

Nestled away in the green burrows of Shamirpet, our vibrant Hyderabad campus offers an irresistible academic experience for the discerning learner.

Duration: One-year Programme


Semester-I courses

  • - Introduction to Logistics and Supply chain management
  • - Quantitative Methods for decision Making
  • - Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
  • - Inventory management
  • - Supply Chain Risk Management
  • - Procurement, Contract & Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management
  • - Managerial Communication
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Semester-II courses

  • - Supply chain Automation &ERP
  • - Warehousing & Freight Transportation Management
  • - Sustainable Supply chain Management
  • - Operations Management
  • - Supply Chain Design
  • - Shipping and Port Management
  • - Project Work
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Exploration Stage III

The goal of this stage is to enable the students to make supply chain strategy, design, planning and operational decisions while considering the significant pros and cons of their choices. It also aims at understanding and implementing digital features in the supply chain to overcome many challenges.

Key focus areas of this semester are:

  • - Logistics and Freight Transportation Management
  • - MIS and ERP Systems
  • - Research Methodology and Project Seminar

Note: The students must choose two general, two programme, and three domain electives to complete semester 3 before proceeding to semester 4.

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Exploration Stage IV

The final stage of the programme deals with two programme and three domain electives, and the primary focus is on the major project.

In this semester, the elective subjects will guide to selecting compliances which are to be followed in the Supply chain. These compliances and analytics will play a crucial role in improving the supply chain part after delivery.

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An enriching environment

Class Profile

Join a diverse community of university graduates who are ready to transform the logistics and supply chain industry with their ideas, passion, and persistence.

  • 20-23

    Average age

  • 7

    Average Courses Each Semester

  • 20

    Average Credits Per Semester


Our leader

Dr. P Muralidhar, Programme Director, PGP LSCM

With a doctorate degree in Green Supply Chain Management in the Department of Mechanical Engineering From renowned Sri Venkateshwara University College of Engineering located in Tirupati from AP State, and owns a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University, has over 23 years of Industrial and academic experience, and is passionate about imparting quality education in current trends on supply chain activities.

Apart from regular academic degrees, He is also a certified PM Gati shakti Digital Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Management professional.

He has published several research papers in various journals of repute with in India and outside India in the area of Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Project management and Productivity Improvement. His papers in the area of supply chain has received good h- Index value in google scholar. He has received Best teacher award for his academic activities.

At NICMAR alongside the PGP LSCM , he teaches supply chain management, project management, operations management and MSP (Microsoft Project) subjects for working professionals.

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Admission and Degree Requirements

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with minimum 50% aggregate marks from a recognized Institution / University are eligible. Final year Graduating students can also apply.
  • Admission criteria for PGP LSCM includes a performance in Written Test (CAT/MAT/GAT/ NICMAR PG NCAT), Personal Interview and Academic Performance in graduation, Class XII and Class X.

Your trajectory

Career opportunities

As a PGP LSCM graduate from NICMAR Business School (SOBM), you can pursue the following careers:

Category Career
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Logistics and Supply chain Analyst
Procurement and Purchasing Manager
Operations Manager/Technical expert
Supply Chain Consultant
Logistics & Distribution Manager
Warehouse Manager
Business Consultant


  • What is the demand for e-commerce and supply chain professionals?

    According to CAGR the e-commerce and supply chain was expected to grow during 2022-26 by 20.16%, The warehousing and storage market is poised to grow by 6.53% in India and there is huge need of professionals in these sectors. So the supply chain function is growing in Importance to organization. The companies are looking for trained and talented professionals with a zeal to encounter the solutions for supply chain problems. The same thing has been ascertained by Gartner (The Gartner Supply Chain is a renowned annual ranking of the world's superior supply chains). But there is huge gap of availability of professionals in these areas. So we are trying to fill the gap between supply chain Industry and Academicia.

  • What are the placement prospects of the PGP LSCM ?

    They’ve been record breaking! We’re proud of the industry connections that we’ve built and nurtured over the last 30 years, which has allowed us to invite only the best and most sought-after recruiters for our students. In fact, every year, we are visited by over 200 companies for on-campus placements. That said, even though PGP(LSCM) is our freshest , you can rest assured that you will be given top-notch placement assistance during the course of your final year and interim internships.

  • What kind of financial aid can you help with?

    We’ve tied up with India’s leading banks and financial institutions for you to get education loans with utmost ease. These institutions include HDFC Credila, ICICI Bank, Saraswat Co-op Bank, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, Avanse and many others. For more information on education loans.

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