Get trained on the latest advances and rapidly growing field of Mass Rapid Transit Systems with this uniquely customized program. The program covers the concepts of MRTS project planning, development, technologies, and execution methodologies.

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Through the PGP MRTS WP program, you will:

  • Learn the concepts of need assessment, forecasting demand and planning MRTS projects.
  • Get an understanding of the technologies, policies, challenges and risks in MRTS projects.
  • Get in-depth knowledge of the various construction methods, technologies, resource requirements, financing methods, and hands-on training on the digital tools such as BIM.

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Program at a Glance

Spread across four exciting trimesters, the PGP MRTS WP program covers end-to-end knowledge of how to handle MRTS projects and see them to their success.


Transportation Planning

This part of the program focuses on introducing the concepts of travel demands, forecasts, urban transportation systems, surveys and models, and principles of MRTS projects.

MRTS Systems

This part of the program introduces the concepts, planning, technology, policies, challenges, advancements and financing mechanisms of MRTS projects.

Project Development & Operations

This part of the program focuses on the various methods and practices of MRTS project development, operations, systems, and risks in MRTS projects, and also covers hands-on experience with digital tools.

Hyderabad Campus

Nestled away in the green burrows of Shamirpet, our vibrant Hyderabad campus offers an irresistible academic experience for the discerning learner.


Introduction Stage

The first trimester lays the foundation for the program by introducing the concepts of urban planning, transportation systems, forecasting the demand, and economics of MRTS projects.

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  • Urban Transportation Systems

    This course introduces the concepts of urbanization, urban transportation systems, and travel demand.

  • Survey and Modeling

    Learn the concepts of conducting various surveys to assess the transportation need, demands, forecasts etc.

  • Principles of MRTS

    This course introduces the MRTS systems, corridor identification, routing, scheduling, and assessing transit system performance.

  • Transportation Economics

    Develop an understanding of the economic analysis, financial viability, analysis, and appraisal process of MRTS projects.

Exploration Stage

The second trimester is designed to take the participants through the latest advancements in MRTS, the planning of MRTS systems, and the financing of projects.

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  • Advancements in Mass Rapid Systems

    This course covers the latest advances in MRTS projects viz., BRTS, HSR, Hyperloop, ITS etc.

  • Metro Rail Systems

    Introduces the various policies in MRTS project development, planning and selection of various components of MRTS projects.

  • Financing of MRTS projects

    The course discusses the various options for financing MRTS projects and government guidelines on various financing options.

  • Primavera Workshop

    Imparts hands-on training on the use of Primavera software for planning and managing projects.

Advancements Stage I

The third trimester provides in-depth knowledge on the need and development of Underground projects, MRTS projects, O&M, and hands-on practice on BIM.

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  • Underground Projects

    This course covers the detailed methodologies for assessment, engineering, investigations, and execution of underground projects.

  • Metro Rail Operations & Management

    Introduces the various operational components and systems of MRTS, functioning mechanisms, managing the services etc.

  • Project Management

    Learn about the challenges of mega MRTS projects, procurement & tendering planning and control of projects, and sustainable development practices.

  • Building Information Modeling Workshop

    Get hands-on training on the concepts, practices, and software to develop BIM models of MRTS projects.

Advancements Stage II

The last trimester provides in-depth knowledge and practice on managing project risks, methodologies of underground and elevated metro projects and hands-on practice of project management software.

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  • Risk Management

    Introduces the risk management process, risks in projects, risk management guidelines, measures of mitigation, multilateral agencies guidelines, and formats on risk analysis.

  • Underground Metro Constructions

    Learn the concepts, methods, practices, and resource requirements of Underground metro construction projects.

  • Elevated Metro Constructions

    Learn the concepts, methods, practices, and resource requirements of elevated metro construction projects.

  • Microsoft Project /@Risk Workshop

    Provides hands-on practice on planning with Microsoft Project and Risk Analysis

An enriching environment

Class Profile

Join a group of learners who are passionate about differentiating themselves through their exceptional talent and hard work in the MRTS domain.

  • 4

    Average Courses Each Semester

  • 10

    Average Credits Per Semester


Our leader

Prof. K V Prasad, Program Director, PGP MRTS WP

An alumnus of NICMAR with a Master’s degree (By Research) in Construction Management from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Prof. K V Prasad has over 14 years of professional experience, and is passionate about imparting quality education. His interest areas include Project Risk Management, Public-Private Partnerships, Estimation, Mass Rapid Transit Systems, Lean Construction Management, Building Information Modeling and Digitization, Special Construction Methods etc.

Prior to joining NICMAR in 2020, he was associated with Hindustan Construction Company Limited (HCC) for nearly 13 years. He has published several research papers in various journals of repute, and has also authored a book: Building Big: Art of Passionately Delivering World Class Infrastructure Projects.He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India.

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Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Planning with 2 years of work experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any non-engineering discipline with 3 years of work experience.
  • Diploma in any branch of Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Planning with 4 years of work experience on construction projects.

Your trajectory

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the PGP MRTS WP program, participants can pursue the following career paths:

Planning Engineer / Manager Works Engineer / Manager
Construction Manager Project Controls Engineer / Manager


  • How is the PGP MRTS WP program conducted? Can it be pursued remotely?

    The program is delivered in hybrid mode with live online classes. You can attend the program online or physically at the NICMAR, Hyderabad Campus.

  • How are the assessments conducted?

    There shall be assessments for each course towards the end of the semester. The assessment shall be done through continuous assignments, case studies, presentations (individual / group), quizzes etc. If you choose the online mode, you shall attend and submit the assignments online.

  • What are the class timings?

    The classes are conducted on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • What happens if I miss a class? Can I get in touch with the faculty?

    Upon admission to the program, you will be provided with an institute email and access to the learning management system. The class recordings are available to you to access any number of times until the completion of the program. You can also reach out to the faculty for any clarifications.

  • How are the course materials provided?

    The respective faculty teaching a course shall send soft copies of lecture materials, case studies, papers, and presentations by e-mail and/or upload the same in the learning management system portal. No hard copies of the material shall be provided/couriered.

  • Is the program equivalent to a PG degree/diploma?

    No. PGP MRTS WP is a certificate program and should not be considered equivalent to Degree / Post Graduate Degree / Diploma program. The program is beneficial for the executives to upskill their knowledge for industry recognition only.

  • Is there any placement assistance for the program?

    No. PGP MRTS WP is designed with a specific purpose of upskilling the knowledge of working professionals and enabling them to take up alternative career paths. So, it doesn’t provide any placement assistance.

  • What certification shall be provided at the end of the program?

    Upon meeting the essential requirements pertaining to academics (attendance, examination, etc.) and payment of fees fully; you will be awarded the certificate of “Part Time Weekend Post Graduate Program in Mass Rapid Transit System for Working Professionals”.

  • Will I be considered as NICMAR Alumni, and can I visit the campus after I complete the program?

    Absolutely! Upon successfully completing the program, you shall be considered the Executive Alumni of NICMAR, Hyderabad, and can visit the campus with the ID card provided anytime.

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