This exceptional curriculum will equip the student with an array of competencies that required to be addressed with respect to pre- contract and post-contract practices at the National and International level.

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What You'll Learn

Through the PGP QSCM program you will achieve:

  • Technical competency in Construction technology, Cost built-up, Claims & Dispute Management, Contracts, Engineering specifications, Principles of standard methods of measurement, Project management, Tendering & Bidding, Quantification & Documentation.
  • Mandatory competency in Legal framework of construction, Principles and practices of management and Project accounting & Cost management.

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Project Estimation

Factors which influence the construction project estimation such as scope of the project, time frame of a project, budgeted amount and risk level are studied in detail to arrive at the construction cost.

Contract Management

Contract creation, contract execution, cost monitoring, risk challenges in completing the contract within stipulate budget and time frame are discussed in detail.

Hyderabad Campus

Nestled away in the green burrows of Shamirpet, our vibrant Hyderabad campus offers an irresistible academic experience for the discerning learner.

Duration: One years full time


Semester 1

In the first semester, you master the basic skills and knowledge of estimation and total cost management of construction projects, along with understanding the essential technology and practices entailed. You also learn about project management principles, procurement, and tendering practices prevalent in the construction industry.

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  • Quantification and Documentation

    This course develops an understanding about the standard methods of measurement (IS 1200/SP27/NRM2/ NRM3 /MORTH/ IS 655/IS 277/ SMACNA / ASHRAE/ISHRAE) of various sector/s. It also covers the quantification of civil, electro-mechanical works and services. Furthermore, the module develops the core fundamentals, to prepare the bill of quantities.

  • Cost Built up

    This course develops the students to understand the various departments Schedule of rates, lead statements. productivity constants of men and machinery. Construction cost for various building items, highways, fabrication work and owning or hiring cost of machinery is also included.

  • Procurement and Tendering

    This course equips the students with a standard tendering procedures and types, suitable procurement method for a particular project, and also to know about the impact of appropriate procurement in the tendering system for a better project outcome.

  • Construction Technology and Design Practices

    This course develops the student to understand the various construction technologies in construction projects and also discusses the design practices adopted for various elements of construction.

  • Project Communications Management

    This course develops students to understand the structure and system of a business organization along with the concepts of organizational behaviour. The core fundamentals of management practices in India and also global practices are also discussed. This course also discusses the importance of managerial skills that are necessary for the workplace

  • Project Management Systems with MSP

    This course develops the students skill of planning, scheduling, monitoring and tracking of activities as well as of time management and cost with hands-on experience in construction software’s.

  • Construction Practice Workshop

    This course helps to develop hands on experience of construction procedures and also equip the students to apply engineering skills in construction

  • Managerial Skills Workshop

    This course aims to develop the managerial communication and presentation skills of students and prepare them to communicate with confidence in project/ business scenario. The course also aims to develop essential managerial skills in students and prepare them for effective career management in their respective job profiles.

  • Quantity Surveying Workshop - I

    Through this course students will be able to read, interpret drawings of Civil/Mechanical /Electrical engineering and also give enough practice to take off quantitates according to standard methods of measurements.

  • Ethics/Life Skills/ Stress Management or Similar

    Ethics/Life Skills/ Stress Management or Similar

  • Mini Project Seminar

    The students will understand the advancements in construction field and they critically examine the same related to any live projects and then arrive at coherent conclusion and suggestions.

Semester 2

An array of courses focusing on cost management and contractual concepts of construction projects make up for the majority of the second semester. Here, you will learn aspects of contract management and deal with claim management and dispute resolution.

You will also get an opportunity to enhance your estimation skills through the hands-on practice of software like Candy and Calquan. Furthermore, you’ll not only be exposed to the legal aspects of construction, but will also be able to gain in-depth knowledge and skills required for the valuation of properties.

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  • Contracts, Claims and Dispute Management

    This course aims to equip students with the knowledge required to manage construction contracts. The course provides in-depth understanding of the role of contracts management through analysis of various red flag clauses associated with construction contracts and thereby enables development of competency for evaluation of the contractual obligations, risks and responses, and managing claims and disputes through the stages of project procurement and administration of contracts.

  • Engineering Specifications

    This course helps in learning the properties, specifications of construction materials and workmanship with respect to BIS codes.

  • Legal Framework of Construction

    The Course deals with the legal aspect of construction project in every possible perspective, including the planning, execution, and monitoring. It deals with the Laws relating to prior & post legal compliance of the construction project. It involves the study of laws relating to construction as contract law, property law and procedure to form society. It also deals with the environmental issues and legal aspects in construction project. It makes the students aware about labour welfare laws and how to solve the problem which may arise between the employer and employee in operation and execution of the construction project and how to comply with the provisions relating to their wages and safety at the workplace.

  • Project Accounting and Cost Management

    The course familiarizes the students with the principles, concepts and standards of accounting and also it will provide a basic understanding about financial accounting for preparing and understanding accounting information for effective business decision making. It will also develop the students to acquire the essential skills to deal with the decisions involving cost control and profit planning.

  • Valuation of Properties and Machinery

    The course develops the students understanding of logic and methodologies of valuation of lands, buildings and machinery the underlying considerations thereof. It will also cover real estate market behaviour. Furthermore, the course develops the core fundamentals of market behaviour.

  • Construction Quality and Safety Management

    The objective of the course is to facilitate students with a practical understanding of the various health and safety standards utilized in the construction industry. Gaining proficiency and adhering to the legislative requirements of Construction projects. Quality-related elements of construction projects, as well as quality management tools and methodologies.

  • Construction Risk Management

    The objective of the course is to facilitate students with strategies and analysis of risk in construction project works to sustain the project time line as well as profit to both employer and employee.

  • Quantity Surveying Workshop – II

    Students will be able to read, interpret drawings of Civil/Mechanical /Electrical engineering and also enough practice Will be given to them in taking off quantitates according to the standard methods of measurements.

  • Estimation Software (Candy & CalQuan)

    The course enables the students to understand and analyze the estimation using CANDY CCS software. This course facilitates the students in generating powerful tender and resource analysis easily. Moreover, the students will be acquainted with seamless mapping of the information of the generated estimates from the tendering stage to the project implementation phase. Additionally, the student will learn the planning, project control and easy integration with the other related modules through hands-on sessions using Use Cases.

  • Advanced Planning Software Advanced Excel and Primavera

    This course develops students’ achieve an holistic understanding of all aspects related to project planning and scheduling using Primavera and also it equips the students to acquire hands-on experience and skills in MS Excel, related to quantity surveying functions.

  • Mini Project Work

    The students critically examine their research topic and arrive at coherent conclusion and suggestions.

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Join a group of learners who are passionate about differentiating themselves through their exceptional talent and hard work.

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    Average age

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Dr.B.Ravinder, Programme Director, PGCM With Specialization in QSCM

Dr.B.Ravinder earned Ph.D (Management) from KL university, Master of Philosophy (HR) from Sri Venkateswara University; Master’s degree in Business Administration (Technology Management) Osmania University, M.Tech (Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering) JNTU; PG Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Valuation Annamalai University, B.E(Civil engg) from Osmania University. Dr.B.Ravinder gained a total 30 years of experience in which he has spared 21 year in academics in India as well as across the countries, balance period he has spent in project construction/s in India as well as across the countries.

Prior to joining NICMAR, Dr.B.Ravinder served National Academy of Construction (NAC), Hyderabad for skills imparting to youngster’s as well to untrained experienced technician’s in the capacity of Assistant Director (Trg). Dr.B.Ravinder is having a credit of paper publications at national as well as at international level. Dr.B.Ravinder has published a book during this current academic year. Dr.B.Ravinder is instrumental in sharing the knowledge with industry executives as well as with regular student candidates. Dr.B.Ravinder has contributed his skill and knowledge in Doha, Qatar for construction project, Eritrea and Ethiopia countries in academics.

Dr.B.Ravinder associated with PGCM With Specialization in QSCM since his joining i.e. August 2007 onwards. Dr.B.Ravinder has discharged his duties as Programme co-ordinator, Progamme Head, Placement Coordinator, Head (AS & Maintenance), Chairman(Building committee) and currently discharging duties as Progarmme Director - QSCM as well as Head (M &R).

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Admission and Degree Requirements

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Architecture / Design / Planning from a recognized Institution / University with a minimum 50% aggregate marks from a recognized Institution / University are eligible. Final year Graduating students can also apply. The candidates must produce the provisional certificate before the commencement of classes.
  • Applications are scrutinized and eligibility is established on the basis of the documents submitted. Eligible candidates will be invited to appear for the selection procedure, which comprises Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI), Rating of Application (RA) and valid scores from ATMA, CUET PG, TG ICET - 2024 (Telangana Integrated Common Entrance Test), CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT.

Your trajectory towards an eminent leader in CRIP sector

Career opportunities

As a postgraduate in Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management, you can pursue the following careers:

Category Career
Quantity Surveying and Contract Management - Billing engineer
- Contract Administrator/ Contract Manager
- Civil engineer/ Project engineer/ Project manager
- Commercial manager/ Cost consultant
- Estimator
- Planning engineer
- Pre-& Post contract manager


  • How are the placement prospects of the PGP QSCM program?

    They’ve been record breaking! We’re proud of our industry connections, we’ve built and nurtured over the last 36 years, which allowed us to invite the best and most sought-after recruiters for our students. In fact every year, more than 100 companies visit our campus for students placement.

  • What kind of financial aid can you help with?

    We are tied up with India’s leading banks and financial institutions for securing education loans with utmost ease. These institutions include HDFC Credila, ICICI Bank, Saraswat Co-op Bank, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, Avanse and many others.

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