Gear up to take your family-owned business to the next level with this power-packed programme designed for the future business leaders and entrepreneurs. Receive unparalleled proficiency in concepts and skills required to traverse the complexities of your business.

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What You'll Learn

Through the Family Business and Entrepreneurship, you will learn:

  • Manage business professionally as Future Leaders with empathy, collaboration and leadership.
  • Traverse the complexities of family business organization through business acumen, research, innovation and application of digital technologies.
  • Lead sustainable businesses with ethical integrity and social responsibility.
  • Establish as entrepreneurs with clarity in vision and strong understanding of the business life cycle.

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Programme at a Glance

The unique MBA FBE programme preps you to spearhead the most advanced business projects, and see them to their success.


Designed for the next-gen business leaders

From expanding your vision and understanding the business life cycle to improving your business acumen and acquiring necessary digital and analytical capabilities, this programme brings to life and encourages the true leader within you.

Two modes of learning

The only programme in Family Business and Entrepreneurship that offers the flexibility of two modes - PGD in FBE and MBA in FBE - this programme allows an immense choice in earning credits and structured learning based on individual career goals and business needs.


The programme offers a Blended Learning format with 18 months of intensive learning (on-campus) divided into Semester I, Semester II, and Semester III followed by Semester IV – Industry Internship/Entrepreneurial Venture Foundation/Family Business Expansion. Application Project on learnings will commence in Semester I and end in Semester III with mid-term evaluation in SEM II and final evaluation in SEM III.

Access to NICMAR Incubation Centre

Enjoy access to a plethora of activities and engagements under the NICMAR Incubation Centre (Upakram), and enhance your entrepreneurial skills and acumen while being a part of the ever-expanding NICMAR alumni network.


Pune Campus

Seamlessly blending with Baner’s elite, cutting-edge lifestyle, our Pune campus will leave you enchanted with its state-of-the-art learning and living facilities.



Two years full time

The only programme in Family Business and Entrepreneurship that offers the flexibility of two modes - PGD in FBE and MBA in FBE - this programme allows an immense choice in earning credits and structured learning based on individual career goals and business needs.


Semester 1

Every semester of the MBA FBE programme is a blend of General Core, Programme Core, and Ability Enhancement courses. This ensures that you get a holistic understanding of both the core concepts as well as application-oriented learning under the domain of family business and entrepreneurship as a whole.

What’s more, you’ll also find a fleet of Massive Open Online Curriculum (MOOC) courses on Design, Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Business Models structured across semesters that help sustain your knowledge as a future business leader.

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  • Project Management


  • Ideation and New Product Development


  • Design Thinking for Innovation


  • Applied Economics for Business Decisions


  • Business Finance I


  • Organizational Behaviour


  • Marketing Management


  • Business Communication I

    Core (Ability enhancement)

  • Advanced Spreadsheet Modelling and Data Visualization

    Core (Skills enhancement)

  • Elective – Choose Elective courses totalling 4 credits
  • Advanced Estimation and Quantity Surveying


  • Project Procurement Management


  • Family Business and Entrepreneurship (Fundamentals, Governance and Strategies)


  • Civil Engineering Fundamentals


Semester 2

Get introduced to a wide range of family business-focused courses blended with courses on general management and ability enhancement in this semester. From learning the legal aspects of managing your business; retaining, rewarding, and proactively managing family business employees, to understanding the specificities of managing business sales and using data effectively for business analysis, this semester equips you with a vast array of courses to enhance their knowledge.

This is also the final semester for those who want to move back to their Family Business and align their learnings to action armed with a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Business and Entrepreneurship.

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  • Strategic Entrepreneurship


  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategies


  • Legal aspects of Construction Business


  • Business Finance II


  • Human Resource Management


  • Sales Management


  • Business Communication II

    Core (Ability Enhancement)

  • Personal Branding and Networking

    Core (Value Added)

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Project work-I


  • Elective – Choose Elective courses totalling 4 credits
  • Site Administration and Control


  • Succession and Leadership in Family Business Organizations


  • Contracts and Claims Management


  • Construction Quality and Safety Management


Semester 3

After an invigorating summer internship experience in other family business firms, this semester allows you to dive into domain-specific Construction Electives for those who prefer more technical depth.

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  • Innovative Business Models or Start-Up Ecosystem Fundamentals


  • Information Systems and Digital Transformations


  • Entrepreneurial Finance


  • Disruptive Technologies and Innovations


  • Digital Marketing

    Core (Ability Enhancement)

  • Project Formulation Appraisal and Risk Management


  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Project work-I


  • Persuasive Communications and Storytelling

    Core (Value Added)

  • Summer Internship

    Ability Enhancement

  • Elective – Choose Elective courses totalling 6 credits
  • Building Information Modelling I


  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)


  • Corporate Real Estate Management


  • Real Estate Investments and Finance


  • Sustainability in Construction Projects

Semester 4

This is the final semester which is the phase of actually applying the learnings into the Real Business domain through a Work Based Learning (WBL) format of either a Corporate/Industry Internship or Family Business Internship or Entrepreneurial Venture Internship or International Internship. You also have the option of continuing your WBL in expansion of your own family business or setting up a new entrepreneurial venture that inspires your growth and success.

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  • Innovative Business Models or Start-Up Ecosystem Fundamentals


  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Project work-I


  • Family Business Project or Entrepreneurial Venture Project or International Internship



1. Regular classroom sessions and assignments coupled with comprehensive assessment make this programme rigorous.

2. The students will be imparted training on state-of-the-art software used in construction like Advanced Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Projects (MSP) and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

3. Workshops on developing managerial skills towards enhancing entrepreneurial competency.

4. Experiential learning and application-based projects to help develop leadership potential and decision-making capabilities.

5. Case studies, group and individual exercises, class projects and simulation of business environment to enrich the overall programme delivery.

6. Mentors will be assigned to every work group of the programme. The idea is to support and incorporate the learnings into individual businesses and orient participants towards being future ready.

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An enriching environment

Class Profile

Being a niche and focused programme, graduates with a few years of experience in their family business operations make up for a majority of the batch.

  • 23-24

    Average age

  • 15-20

    Students Per Batch

  • 11

    Average Courses Each Semester

  • 20

    Average Credits Per Semester


Our leader

Dr. Soumi Rai

Soumi brings with her a combined experience of 23 years from the corporate sector and academia into her role as the Head. She has worked with the corporate consulting domain and across prestigious academic institutions like Symbiosis International University. She has worked on many prestigious assignments, including one with the Social Research Centre (WZB), Germany.

Soumi is a researcher in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, diversity, generational and cross-cultural issues, having published numerous case studies, book chapters and research articles across reputed peer-reviewed national and international publications. She is also the recipient of NICMAR Research Excellence Award 2019.

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Admission Requirements

  • Students are required to have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks at graduation level from a recognised institution or university.
  • Students must provide necessary documents and undertakings in the prescribed format with regards to their experience/exposure within their family business.
  • This programme is also open to students who are in their final year of graduation. However, they must have completed their graduation before the commencement of this programme.
  • Applications received are evaluated and eligibility is established on the basis of the documents submitted. Eligible students are invited to appear for the selection procedure, which comprises Post Graduate NICMAR Common Admission Test (PG-NCAT), Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Rating of Application (RA).


  • Is this course specifically tailored for students from family-owned construction businesses?

    Yes, but that’s not all there is! This programme is a niche offering that caters to an untapped need for expanding the family business horizon through better strategizing, innovation and application of leadership skills for growth and expansion/scale-up.

    Every semester of the course has been carefully designed with a focus on developing managerial skills, leadership potential along with business, technical, and digital acumen.

  • What makes this programme stand out?

    As a next generation successor, this course will enhance and elevate your leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial potential, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to move upwards in your business domain.

    Alongside the leverage of NICMAR’s brand value, a legacy of almost 4 decades and the vast alumni network will be an added advantage in crafting your business success story.

  • Why should I sign up for this programme?

    As the construction sector in a post-covid economy continues to deal with increasing challenges and complexity, family-run businesses, in particular, have to learn how to survive and compete within this dynamic business environment in the new world.

    As a graduate of this programme, you can develop the necessary managerial and leadership abilities, and pass them onto your family members in the business as well. This allows you to effectively scan the business environment, forecast changes, be prepared for potential turmoils, innovate, and diversify too.

  • What are the objectives of this programme?

    Through its comprehensive curriculum and action-oriented learning modules, the MBA - FBE programme seeks to support the professionalization, scaling up, growth, and expansion for the new generation of family business entrepreneurs and leaders through the following objectives:

    i. Develop strategic thinking and alignment with business processes
    ii. Foster creativity and develop an innovation mindset
    iii. Apply analytic tools, digital tools, and functional expertise in business decision making
    iv. Enhance leadership skills and interpersonal sensitivity for collaborative working
    v. Developing excellence in managing a socially responsible and sustainable family business

  • Do you provide any placement opportunities for this programme?

    Since this programme is specifically designed for the successors of already established family businesses, we don’t offer any placement opportunities.

  • How will this programme help me apply the learnings in my family business?

    We have designed the entire curriculum from an application-oriented perspective. Through individual and group projects, you’ll be encouraged to apply your conceptual learning and case-based understanding into your specific family business. This helps you understand and analyze the impact of your learning in the real business situational contexts.

  • Do you organize special events and extra-curricular activities for students of this programme?

    Absolutely, we do! We have a vibrant and diverse student community that keeps the NICMAR spirit alive through a plethora of activities and events as part of the informal learning process. They promise to provide both cultural and interpersonal development while enhancing values like respect for all and attributes like tolerance to ambiguity, creative thinking, problem solving, and team empowerment.

    As a student of MBA FBE, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a holistic environment that leaves no stone unturned in your overall development.

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