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NICMAR University and SoftTech Partnership

NICMAR & SoftTech Collaborate to Foster Strong Industry-Academia Relationships and Drive Innovation in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction

February 27, 2023: Pune, India

India’s most illustrious Built Environment University providing education in niche professional areas, has collaborated with SoftTech Engineers Limited, a leading software products company in AEC solutions for Civil/Structural Engineering, Architectural, and Construction industry-specific applications to foster a strong industry-academia relationship. The partnership aims to embark on multiple collaboration initiatives such as information exchange on the latest technology and trends in the built environment space, research initiatives of mutual interest and ultimately strengthen the ecosystem in the AEC domain.

“This collaboration between NICMAR and SoftTech represents a significant step towards fostering a strong industry-academia relationship. We are eager to collaborate to accomplish our shared objectives and promote innovation in the built environment industry. We look forward to a long and productive partnership.” - Dr. Anil Kashyap, President and Chancellor of NICMAR University.

“At SoftTech, we are firm believers in the power of partnership to drive innovation and development in the AEC sector. We are thrilled to collaborate with NICMAR, to share our skills, and to strive for similar objectives. We envision a long-lasting and productive partnership.” - Mr. Vijay Gupta, the founder and CEO of SoftTech Engineers Limited.

Together, SoftTech and NICMAR will be able to make the most of each other’s advantages and domain knowledge to achieve shared objectives. NICMAR will benefit from the collaboration by having the opportunity to work with a leading software products company in AEC solutions. Students at NICMAR will benefit by gaining practical experience in the sector, which will assist them in getting ready for successful careers. Additionally, in partnership with SoftTech, NICMAR will be able to undertake research that will enhance the state of the art in the industry. Overall, the cooperation between SoftTech and NICMAR will foster innovation and development in the AEC industry.


NICMAR university, located in Pune, is India’s most illustrious Built Environment University. It is an innovative, futuristic and modern university providing education in the niche professional areas of construction, real estate, infrastructure, project management and business management.

Established as an autonomous, non-government, not-for-profit, academic body, NICMAR was founded in September 1983 as a Society and a Public Charitable Trust. The university strongly focuses on practical learning and provides students with hands-on experience through internships, field visits, and industry projects.

About SoftTech Engineers Limited

SoftTech Engineers Limited is a leading software products company in AEC solutions for Civil/Structural Engineering, Architectural and Construction industry-specific applications. Its product portfolio includes software solutions like AutoDCR, BIMDCR, PWIMS, OPTICON, CIVIT platform for permitting, estimation & rate analysis, bid preparation, construction site & project management, subcontractor management and ERP for the construction industry, e-Governance solutions and learning resources.

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NICMAR University is Recognised as State Private University by UGC.

NICMAR University Pune Act (L. C. Bill No. Of 2022) was passed by Maharashtra State Government on 16th March, 2022 and appeared in “Maharashtra Government Gazette” on 12th May 2022 (Mah. Act No. XXXVI of 2022).