When academics get intense (and, they will, at times), step outside the classroom for a taste of freedom. Let exciting events and celebrations define your days. At NICMAR, the department of Student Affairs ensures you leave with not just good grades, but also memories you’ll cherish for life.

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The Department of Student Affairs fosters a safe and supportive campus environment, offering holistic support for students. We organize diverse events for intellectual growth, leadership development, character building, and creativity. The department addresses student grievances, maintains discipline, and provides comfortable accommodation through dedicated staff. Special interest clubs and the 16-member Student Council provide platforms for students to gather, showcase skills, and pursue shared interests.

Notably, the campus features a grand auditorium with a capacity of one thousand attendees, equipped with modern amenities for hosting major events. Overall, the Department of Student Affairs strives to support students' well-being, facilitate personal growth, and create opportunities for engagement and collaboration.


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Our Student Clubs

Our student clubs offer vibrant platforms for like-minded students to connect, collaborate, and pursue their shared interests, fostering a sense of community and personal growth.

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Meet the Dean

Dean, Student Affairs

Dr. Darshan Mahajan


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Student Council

A student council of 16 passionate office bearers represents the student community and acts as a bridge between the management of the university and students.

Grievance Redressal Portal

NICMAR University, Pune ensures transparency in all its processes and is committed to resolve any academic and non-academic grievance of its students. Accordingly, the university has constituted Student Grievance Redressal Committee which aims to address and resolve student concerns promptly, fostering a supportive academic environment.

# Designated Members Designation Proposed Member Email-ID
1 Professor of the University Chairperson Dr. Anil Agarwal anilagarwal@nicmar.ac.in
2 Dean of Student Affairs or equivalent Member Dr. Darshan Mahajan dmahajan@nicmar.ac.in
3 Senior Faculty Member (nominated by Vice Chancellor) Member Dr. Jonardan Koner jonardankoner@nicmar.ac.in
4 Senior Faculty Member (nominated by Vice Chancellor) Member Dr. Smitha Yadav smitayadav@nicmar.ac.in
5 Senior Faculty Member (nominated by Vice Chancellor) Member Dr. Smita Patil spatil@nicmar.ac.in
6 Senior Faculty Member (nominated by Vice Chancellor) Member Dr. Sudarshan Kore skore@nicmar.ac.in
7 Student Representative2 (Special Invitee) Member Ms. Vaidehi Sawant P2370723@student.nicmar.ac.in
8 Student Representative1 (Special Invitee) Member Mr. Nidhanshu Bhatt P2370172@student.nicmar.ac.in
In order to register a grievance, students need to fill out the following form: Grievance Redressal Form

Any student aggrieved by the decision of the Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee may prefer an appeal to the Ombudsperson, within a period of fifteen days from the date of receipt of such decision.

Details of the Ombudsperson
Prof (Dr) N. S. Umarani
Email ID: ombudsperson@pune.nicmar.ac.in
Former Pro Vice-Chancellor, Savitribai Phule Pune University
Former Principal, M.E.S. Garware College, Pune

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