For the successful completion of construction projects, controlling cost aspects and mitigating risks and ensuring regulatory and legal compliance are vital tasks related to Quantity Surveying, Estimation, Procurement and Contract Management. In this context, NICMAR University, Pune is offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management (PGD-QSCM).

This programme is tailored to enhance the knowledge and competent skills of students, required for professional excellence in the field of quantity surveying and contracts management. The programme aims to make them capable of visualizing projects, measuring and estimating project costs, analysing risks, and developing bidding proposals for projects. The programme also focuses on developing their managerial skills in cost planning and management, and contract management of projects.

The comprehensive curriculum will enable the students to gain proficiency in concepts and skills required to manage projects both effectively and efficiently. Students, who successfully complete the programme are prepared for professional roles within the construction industry and recruited by reputed Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Project (CRIP) companies through the campus placements.

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What You'll Learn

Through the PGD QSCM programme, you will:

  • Competency in measurement and estimation of quantities, preparation of bill of quantities and cost buildup of projects and submission of tenders for construction projects.
  • Competency in contract administration and management, post contract functions, monthly valuations and project variance reports.
  • Identification of contract claims, preparation and presentation of claims, dispute resolution of claims.

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Programme at a Glance


The PGD-QSCM programme integrates technological concepts and practices related to quantity surveying, estimation, procurement, construction economics, and contract management of construction projects to enhance field success.

The duration of the programme is of one year with 750 classroom sessions. The programme is organized into 2 semesters, with each semester having 15 weeks of teaching and 1 week of term-end examinations.

Pune Campus

Seamlessly blending with Baner’s elite, cutting-edge lifestyle, our Pune campus will leave you enchanted with its state-of-the-art learning and living facilities.


Semester 1

Semester 1 mainly focuses on developing proficiency in the basic skills and knowledge of estimation and total cost management of construction projects along with construction technology and practices.

It enables students to understand the project management principles, procurement, and tendering practices prevalent in the construction industry.

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  • Quantification and Documentation

    This module develops an understanding of students of the standard methods of measurement of various sector/s. It will also cover the quantification of civil, electro-mechanical services and works. Furthermore, the module develops the core fundamentals, to prepare the bill of quantities.

  • Engineering Specifications & Cost Build Up

    This course helps in learning about the properties and selection and specifications for building materials and workmanship with respect to BIS codes. This course also helps the students to learn about the analysis of rates of various items for the construction of real estate and infrastructure project works based on material, labour and machinery constants and their applicable rates.

  • Project Procurement & Tendering

    By attending this course, the students shall know the standard tendering procedures and types, be able to decide the suitable procurement method for a particular project, and value the impact of appropriate procurement and tendering system on project outcomes.

  • Construction Technology & Design Practices

    The course develops student understanding of the various construction technologies in construction projects and also discusses the design practices adopted for various elements of construction. The course also helps to develop hands of knowledge of construction procedures and apply engineering skills for real life problem solving.

  • Project Communication Management

    The objective of the course is to equip students with the best practice strategies of effective project communications management for handling a variety of complex projects and make them aware of the role of communication in the core project processes. This course aims to develop among the participants a holistic understanding of the various aspects of project stakeholders and communications management and create opportunities for them to hone their leadership and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Project Management Systems (Including Msp)

    To learn project management techniques: Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control, Methods of time and Cost Management

  • Managerial Skills Workshop

    The course aims to develop managerial communication and presentation skills of students and prepare them to communicate with confidence in project/ business scenario. The course also aims to develop essential managerial skills in students and prepare them for effective career management in their respective job profiles.

Semester 2

Semester 2 offers a range of courses that mainly focuses on cost management and contractual concepts of construction projects. Students will learn aspects of contract management and deal with claim management and dispute resolution.

It will also enhance students' estimation skills through the hands-on practice of software like Candy and Calquan. Students will be exposed to the legal aspects of construction. The students will also be able to gain in-depth knowledge and skills required for the valuation of properties

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  • Contracts, Claims, and Dispute Management

    This course aims to equip students with the knowledge required to manage construction contracts. The course provides an in-depth understanding of the role of contract management through analysis of various red flag clauses associated with construction contracts and thereby enables the development of competency for the evaluation of contractual obligations, risks and responses in construction projects.

  • Estimation Software (Candy & Calquan)

    The course enables the students to apply the fundamental understanding and analysing the estimation using CANDY CCS software. As the software is developed using high-level pricing / first principles of resource-driven estimation, thus this course facilitates the students in generating powerful tender and resource analysis easily. Moreover, the students will be acquainted with seamless mapping of the information of the generated estimates from the tendering stage to the project implementation phase. Additionally, the student will learn the planning, project control and easy integration with the other related modules through hands-on sessions using Use Cases.

    The course further imparts hands-on sessions for CalQuan Software. The CalQuan software suite is used for Project Management and Quantity Calculation of Linear Projects. With its capabilities in precise quantity calculations and seamless project monitoring, it empowers professionals to excel in their endeavours. By simplifying workflows, enhancing accuracy, and optimizing resource allocation, it becomes an essential tool while working on linear projects.

  • Legal Framework for Construction

    The Course deals with the legal aspect of construction project in every possible perspective, including the planning, execution, and monitoring. It deals with the Laws relating to prior & post legal compliance of the construction project. It involves the study of laws relating to construction as contract law, property law and procedure to form society. It also deals with the environmental issues and legal aspects in construction project. It makes the students aware about labour welfare laws and how to solve the problem which may arise between the employer and employee in operation and execution of the construction project and how to comply with the provisions relating to their wages and safety at the workplace.

  • Project Accounting & Cost Management

    The course familiarizes the students with the principles, concepts and standards of accounting and also it will provide a basic understanding about financial accounting for preparing and understanding accounting information for effective business decision making. It will also develop the students to acquire the essential skills to deal with the decisions involving cost control and profit planning.

  • Valuation of Real Properties

    This course develops students understanding of valuation methods and techniques with reference to real properties. It will also cover some practical aspects such as case studies and exercises to give an understanding of the practice. Furthermore, the course develops the ability to apply the methods and tools to professional projects and practice.

  • Construction Safety, Quality And Risk Management

    The objective of the course is to provide students with a practical understanding of the various health and safety standards utilized in the construction industry. Gaining proficiency and adhering to the legislative requirements of Construction projects.

    This course aims to equip students to comprehend quality-related elements of construction projects, as well as quality management tools and methodologies. In Addition, the course will also provide knowledge about risk management and mitigation techniques applied in the Construction Industry.

  • Advanced Planning Software

    This course develops students’ holistic understanding of all aspects related to project planning and scheduling using Primavera. To make the students acquire hands-on experience and skills in MS Excel, related to quantity surveying functions.


NICMAR University believes that the method of instruction to maximize learning may vary from course to course, and therefore, uses a host of pedagogical approaches in different courses such as case studies, lectures, group and individual exercises, class projects, and simulation of the business environment to enrich the overall programme delivery. Site visits are organized as and when required.

The PGD-QSCM programme at the NICMAR University innovates on traditional construction methods by leveraging technology and processes to excel in the field of estimation and contracts management in construction industry.

The programme adopts an integrative pedagogy by creating a learning environment and helping the students in connecting with their learning across the syllabus. The programme aims at a project-based learning, focussing on the collaborative approach of pedagogy where groups of students learn together and work to solve a problem, and build strategies to complete a task.

Regular classroom sessions, and assignments coupled with comprehensive assessment make this programme rigorous. The students will be imparted training on state-of-the-art software used in construction like Microsoft Projects (MSP), Candy, CalQuan.

Workshops on developing managerial skills, experiential and learning application-based projects, Case studies, group and individual exercises, class projects and simulation of business environment to enrich the overall programme delivery are the features of the collaborative learning environment.

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An enriching environment

Class Profile

Being a niche and focused programme, the class batch size on an average is 30 to 40 students comprising mostly of graduate civil engineers with or without experience. NICMAR certification gives an edge to students seeking career opportunities in reputed CRIP organizations hence this opportunity is leveraged by students pursuing the QSCM course as an added advantage.

  • 22-26

    Average age

  • 15 – 20

    Students per Batch

  • 6

    Average Courses Each Semester

  • 18-20

    Average Credits Per Semester


Our leader

Dr. Arjita Biswas

Dr Arjita Biswas is a doctorate in Civil Engineering. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Postgraduate degree in Civil Engineering specialising in Construction & Management and is the Savitriba Phule Pune Univerity Topper for the same. She has a vast academic experience of 18 years at UG Engineering & PG Management level and 4 years of industrial experience. She teaches courses in Project Risk Management, Project Management, Inventory Management, Pavement Management, Quality Management and different Project Management Software. She is a Certified Risk Professional & has more than 25 publications in National/International journals & Conferences.

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Admissions and Degree Requirements

  • Candidates with a regular graduate degree in any discipline with minimum 50% aggregate marks from a recognised institution/university are eligible.
  • Eligible candidates will be invited to appear for the selection procedure, which comprises Post Graduate NICMAR Common Admission Test (PG-NCAT), Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Rating of Application (RA).
  • Typically, a full course is of two credits involving 28 hours of teaching. The courses may also be sometimes three or four credits depending on the content. The courses may have tutorial / practical components for hands on training.
  • Final year graduating students can also apply. However, such candidates must have completed (passed) their Graduation before the commencement of programme.
  • The curriculum is organised into two semesters. The students are exposed to a variety of theory courses as well as tutorials and practical for hands-on training. The student will have to earn 40 credits to complete the PGD programme.
  • The courses are divided into various categories to ensure the all-round development of the student and providing adequate breadth and depth of knowledge.

Your trajectory

Career opportunities

There is a huge demand for cost management professionals who are able to mitigate the risk of construction cost overruns and time overruns. This reinforces the importance of quantity surveyors and cost managers as key pillars of the CRIP industry. The PGD-QSCM students are prepared for the Quantity Surveyors, Billing Engineers, Contract Administrators, Consulting for Construction projects. Our graduates work with some of the top construction firms in India and around the world. They have been employed at major firms like CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd, L&T Constructions Ltd, V Construct Ltd, KEC Ltd, HG Infra Ltd, Adani Ltd, MEIL, T&T Ltd, Voltas Ltd, Voltas International, GCC Ltd, L&T IEL Ltd, HCC Ltd, Tvasta Ltd, Home lane Ltd, GRIL Ltd, TUV NORD, L&W Ltd, JSSL, SPCL EPC Ltd, Ramky Infra Ltd, Mott Mac Donald, Ahluwalia Contracts Ltd, Patel Engineering Ltd and many more. Average Salary (Domestic) in 2021-22 was about Rs. 5 lakhs CTC PA. Highest Domestic Salary in 2021-22 was Rs. 7.5 lakh CTC PA and highest international salary was about 6000 UAED.

As a postgraduate in Quantity Surveying and Contracts Management, you can pursue the following careers:

Quantity Surveyor
Billing Engineer
Contract Administrator
Consulting Professional


  • What is the entrance exam process to join PGD QSCM?

    NICMAR Common Admission Test (NCAT) is conducted for admissions to full-time PG programmes. Shortlisted candidates will be called for Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI).

    NICMAR Common Admission Test (NCAT): NCAT is of two hours duration. The test covers 180 marks. Each question carries one mark. The exam is of general kind of aptitude test on Quantitative & Analytical Ability, Data Interpretation and Verbal & General Ability. You may refer to books/resources available for Common Aptitude Tests.

    NICMAR Common Admission Test (NCAT) - 180 marks

    a) Quantitative and Analytical Ability - 72 marks

    b) Data Interpretation - 36 marks

    c) Verbal and General Ability - 72 marks

    Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI): You should be presentable and conduct yourself as per prescribed GD norms.

    1) Group Discussion : 20 marks and total duration 1 hour.

    - Briefing - 05 mins.

    - Case Reading - 10 mins.

    - Case Discussion - 45 mins.

    2) Personal Interview (PI): 30 marks. PI interview for a candidate will typically last for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Is there any weightage in the selection process for students with prior industry experience?

    Yes, there is weightage in the selection process for students with prior industry experience. Experience is an added advantage. Experience requirements are generally set by the recruiting company and each company’s policy may vary from time to time. Students who have worked in the industry for a certain period can enhance their career prospects immensely with this course.

  • Please explain the process of education loans?

    NICMAR University has tie-ups with some of the reputed banks and financial institutions for education loans. However, the final outcome of the loan process is dependent on the lender and the candidate.

  • Do PGD QSCM students get support from NICMAR University in relation to on-campus placement?

    NICMAR puts in its best efforts to bring top companies on campus. However, the recruitment by a company completely depends on the knowledge and performance of the student. PGD QSCM has a very good record when it comes to providing on-campus placements.

  • What are the software packages taught as part of PGD QSCM?

    As a student of PGD QSCM, you’ll be trained on software applications used for construction estimation worldwide such as Microsoft Project, Calquan, and CANDY during the two terms with hands-on practice in computer labs.

  • Are the classes being conducted online owing to the COVID 19 scenario? If so, when will the offline classes commence?

    The classes are conducted online or offline as per the local government guidelines. Kindly check the NICMAR University website for regular updates.

  • What are the possible job profiles after completion of the PGD QSCM?

    The PGD-QSCM students are serving as Quantity Surveyors, Billing Engineers, Contract Administrators, Consulting for Construction projects.

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