With friends right by your side and hostel assistance just a stone’s throw away, it’s only a matter of time until your campus life becomes all sorts of awesome. Give wings to your talent as you live amidst a supportive community that always has your back.

Grow personally and intellectually, develop life-long friendships, spend late nights sharpening your mind - you’re sure to look back and reminisce about the best days of your life long after you’ve graduated.

Grow with people that bring a wide variety of perspectives to your life and get the perfect training for life after NICMAR.

Ignatius Joseph

Hostel In-charge, NICMAR, Pune


A holistic environment

Student Housing

Connect learning and living at our four state-of-the-art hostels which together provide 1139 single-occupancy rooms for boys, and 194 shared-occupancy rooms for girls.

  • High speed WiFi
  • Well equipped rooms
  • Modern architecture
  • Happening play areas

Stay at ease

Executive housing

30 single-occupancy rooms create a serene learning environment for executive trainees. Each room is equipped with modern amenities like High speed WiFi, Television,
Air Conditioning, and Intercom to make your stay comfortable and at complete ease.

The hostels not only provide comfortable stay but also offer a congenial environment to learn, socialize and make friends for life.

Varad Gadgil

Student Coordinator, Student Council 2021-22


A delectable experience

Campus Dining

Spacious halls. Skylight ceilings. A happening vibe.

A student-curated menu that changes weekly puts an end to the age-old rhetoric by concerned moms every time you visit home - "Aren’t they feeding you properly?”

Your Student Hostel Coordinator is your best friend, for they’ll be taking in your recommendations, and suggesting lip-smacking dishes to the hostel manager. This way, you’re never short of fun yet nutritious grub to indulge in at campus.

Off-campus Dining

A quick, street-style bite at Sips ‘n’ Bites, a homely meal at Ghar ka Khana, or an elegant dinner at one of the many restaurants at Balewadi High Street -
your dining options off-campus are endless.

Feel the vibe

Residential life @ Campus

News & Updates

NICMAR University is Recognised as State Private University by UGC.

NICMAR University Pune Act (L. C. Bill No. Of 2022) was passed by Maharashtra State Government on 16th March, 2022 and appeared in “Maharashtra Government Gazette” on 12th May 2022 (Mah. Act No. XXXVI of 2022).