Disclaimer: The following story is based on true events.

There was once a girl named Chitra who was interested in Marketing and Advertising. She was a full-time writer and loved to research different, not so usual topics. She did her post graduation in her field of interest.

However, Chitra was a passionate girl who didn't want to limit herself to the four walls of a comfort zone.

Unfortunately, Chitra was stuck. She had to limit herself at her workplace, working on the same subjects and content every day with nothing new to explore. She tried to propose different unique ideas, but none were considered, even though appreciated.

She was disappointed. She thought it was the dead-end of her career.

Looking at her disappointment, on a random day, her mother gave her the idea to pursue a PhD in her discipline. She frowned, “Really, PhD?”.

Mother replied, “Why not?

Chitra asked, “But why?” Her mother answered, “You like knowing more about your field of interest, and a PhD can broaden your perspectives, and people may learn to listen to your ideas. It might help you pull yourself out from where you are stuck.

She frowned again, “I don’t wanna do it. It consumes a lot of time, I'll have to constantly concentrate on studies, and it is not for not-so-intelligent people like me.

Mother replied, “I don’t think so! Anyone, in any discipline and with all possible career purposes can pursue PhD. Why don't you try it once?

Chitra countered, “Let it be Mom, it is for the people interested in academics. Also, I don't wanna waste more of my time studying. I would rather focus on my career."

Chitra unfortunately, failed to understand that those mere perceptions were nothing but myths.

God knows who did that! But, like always, mothers are right!

Today, Chitra, at her current job, while writing articles as a content writer, realized that those were simply myths. And, she is planning to progress in her career by pursuing a PhD.

Doctorate of Philosophy or as we say ‘PhD’ is one scary degree! Right? The highest possible education has not got many fans. However, it is the most valued and respected degree in the world.

PhD is not only about researching a specific subject. It helps you create insights for yourself and the people around you. But, unnecessary myths have blurred your vision.

What if a PhD opens new doors of opportunity, but you are unaware of it? Why let these beliefs stop you from growing exponentially?

Let this blog be a windshield and correct your misconceptions with the facts, and you soar in your career with a PhD.

Myth 1: All PhD students are über-genius intellectuals.

There’s an image created of PhD students locking themselves away in their secret lab, surrounded by beakers and test tubes, and their brains glowing with an otherworldly brilliance.

Usually, it is believed that to pursue a PhD, you must be as intelligent as Einstein. And, if that’s not the case, you may not be able to do it. Sadly, many students drop the idea of attaining a degree because of this prevailing myth.

The Truth:

A PhD is a research project and not an intelligent test. Contrary to popular belief, a doctorate won't magically transform you into a genius or validate your existing genius status. Instead, it will equip you with expertise in a highly specific topic within a particular field. PhD students are just regular folks with a passion for their subject.

Myth 2: PhD study is lonely and depressing.

Let's address the misconception that embarking on a PhD journey is a solitary, gloomy, and unfulfilling endeavor. Yes, undertaking three years of intensive research is undoubtedly challenging, and a doctorate is no walk in the park.

There may be moments when you feel a bit worn out and question yourself about the need for researching the topic. You may sometimes doubt yourself about doing a PhD and feel alone, for you are researching all by yourself. Well, it's a normal part of the PhD journey.

The Truth:

Alongside those moments of frustration, there are incredible breakthroughs waiting for you. From successful presentations and publications to various forms of recognition, these accomplishments will bring immense satisfaction.

Furthermore, you will have supervisors as your mentors, offering guidance and expertise throughout your research. Also, your fellow students become a valuable support network, as they understand the challenges of pursuing a doctorate.

Myth 3: PhDs are only for those who want to become professors.

Ah, the ivory tower myth! It's true that a PhD is often seen as the stepping stone to a career in academic teaching and research. If you aspire to become a university lecturer, a doctorate is typically a requirement.

The Truth:

Today's PhD graduates, along with their niche subjects, possess three years' worth of experience in project management, public speaking, and professional networking.

Thus, employers are increasingly recognizing that PhD holders bring unique strengths to the table, making them attractive candidates for positions beyond academia. From industry research and development to entrepreneurship, policy-making, consulting, and beyond, the possibilities are vast.

Myth 4: PhD students have no work-life balance.

This misconception states that the doctoral candidates are believed to be constantly engrossed in their research, leaving little time for personal pursuits, relaxation, or social activities. So, probably they might not even eat, sleep or have leisure time!

The myth implies that their lives revolve solely around their studies, with little room for other aspects of life.

The Truth:

PhD programs recognize the importance of holistic well-being, understanding that time away from research can actually enhance productivity and creativity.

Therefore, PhD students are encouraged to engage in activities that bring them joy and rejuvenate their minds. Whether it's dedicating time to hobbies, exploring new interests, or simply spending quality time with family and friends, these experiences contribute to a well-rounded life.

So, folks, while Chitra had to find it and realize it all by herself, you have this piece to give you first-hand information. We won’t say that a PhD is not a big deal. It is because it rewards you with a degree as evidence of expertise which no one else can question.

Now that you have wiped off your misbeliefs and understood the facts behind pursuing a PhD, you must not wait to achieve it. And, to transform your dreams into reality, only one campus can hold your hand and take you to another end. The PhD programs of NICMAR University provide an appropriate environment to complete your PhD. If you have a chance, do not miss it!