Anchor yourself as an entrepreneur in the startup ecosystem with this transformative niche program that focuses on ‘Learning by Doing’. Designed to enhance your potential through a blend of future-focused learning and experiential immersion based on the Formation, Validation, and Growth (FVG) model, this program breathes new life into the innovator and change maker in you.

Unleash your potential

What You'll Learn

Through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, you will:

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills to lead successful entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Learn how to create and lead innovation in business.
  • Learn how to apply a strategic mindset, analytical methods, and digital tools in entrepreneurial and innovative decision making.
  • Form, Validate, and Grow an entrepreneurial venture through the FVG model.
  • Augment your leadership skills, persuasive communication, business, and financial acumen for entrepreneurship.

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Program at a Glance

The MBA EI program enables you to take charge of your career and contribute to the growth of the nation as a solid entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership

The program combines strategic and foundational elements of entrepreneurship, along with innovation tools and leadership skills for augmenting entrepreneurial and business potential. It caters to untapped needs of entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs and innovators, with a holistic perspective to expand business horizons and growth.

Two modes of learning

The only program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation that offers the flexibility of two modes - PGD in EI and MBA in EI - this program allows an immense choice in earning credits and structured learning based on individual career goals and business needs.


The program comprises 18 months of intensive learning (on-campus) based on the FVG Model, divided into semesters that are termed as “Phases”. Phase I and Phase II are followed by Phase III - Application and Evaluation of Learnings, and Phase 4 consists of Industry Internship/Entrepreneurial Venture Foundation/Business Expansion.

Leverage NICMAR's Legacy

Alongside the leverage of NICMAR brand value, a legacy of almost 4 decades and a vast alumni network is an added advantage in successfully connecting and networking with seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs across various business domains, thereby, contributing to your entrepreneurial success story.

Lifecycle & Delivery Model

Phase 1: Formation

Foundation Courses
Project Commencement
Project outline, ideation, opportunity mapping
Application Learning by doing
Project Review 1 (Initial)

Phase 2: Validation

Assignment of Mentor
Skills Enhancement workshops
Minimum viable Product validation
Sector specific project progression
Project Review 2 (Mid-term)

Phase 3: Growth

Mentor interactions
Application of project learnings in real situations/business
Course corrections and practical learnings for Scaleup/Growth
Project Review 3 (Final)

Phase 4: Internship

Industry Internship or Entrepreneurial Venture creation
Submission of Internship Report or Entrepreneurial Venture progression report
Evaluation and Certification


Pune Campus

Seamlessly blending with Baner’s elite, cutting-edge lifestyle, our Pune campus will leave you enchanted with its state-of-the-art learning and living facilities.



One year full time

For those who wish to take an exit after completing one year of the program in full-time mode.


Two years full time

For those who wish to complete two years of the program in full-time mode (Including project and internship).


Semester 1

Phase I - Formation is the starting point for future entrepreneurs to commence their journey. In this phase, you will ideate, create a business model, a minimum viable product prototype or service model, and carry out opportunity mapping.

All this is done through not only acquiring course-based knowledge but demonstrating its application via the Business Model Canvas course.

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  • Business Model Canvas

    This is a project-based course that commences in Semester 1 and continues through Semester 2 till the final evaluation in Semester 3. The course is based on real-time application of learning in project-based format to encourage students to either work on new venture creation or work on any domain specific Business Application projects.

  • Business Communication I & II

    These courses are covered as mandatory courses across Semester I and Semester II detailing the basics of communication, role of business communication, oral and written communication fundamentals along with interpersonal skills for business like team building, leadership, decision making, problem solving, conflict management, time and stress management etc.

  • Design Thinking for Innovation

    This course breaks the mould of cognitive fixedness and allows you to leverage the fundamental design thinking principles to craft innovative solutions from a more human-centric approach to address business challenges.

  • Ideation and New Product Development

    This course introduces you to the new product development process through exploring different facets from a customer centric perspective. It allows you to explore your ideas, collaborate, and deliberate on the generation of innovative ideas for your entrepreneurship.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Action

    This is about helping you develop an entrepreneurial perspective and open your horizons towards identifying, assessing and shaping various opportunities across contexts; whether for new venture creation or bringing innovative entrepreneurial solutions to existing organizations.

  • Data Visualization (Advanced Excel, Power BI and Tableau)

    This course introduces you to the power of data and its usage in business decision making through usage of some of the most powerful data analysis software.

  • Creativity and Problem

    This course is a workshop supporting the core course on Design Thinking as it allows you to explore divergent thinking and develop the ability to explore multiple solutions for any business challenge through a series of creative exercises. It challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone and explore your inherent creativity.

  • Foundation courses (Choice based – ANY Three)
  • Organizational Behavior

    This course gives an introduction to the micro and macros aspects of human behaviour from an individual, group and organizational perspective.

  • Business Economics

    This course allows you to understand the interconnected role of business in the larger context of the business environment in which it operates. It helps you understand what factors can have effects on your future business and solutions for mitigation.

  • Marketing Management

    A foundation course that introduces you to the core concepts of Marketing, outlining the knowledge translated from the doyens of this domain.

  • Information System Management

    This course introduces you to the role and importance of using technology towards management of data and its applications in the business context.

  • Decision Analysis

    This is a fundamental course that combines the core areas of statistics and data science to support the analytical decision-making process that is the crux of every business. With data today becoming critical, this course helps you understand how the data can be the fundamental of business decision analysis.

  • Business Finance

    A course that is required by every business to understand the basics of managing its finances in a world governed by the flow of money. From basic accounting principles to the foundations of financial management, the course introduces you to the comprehensive world of managing and leveraging money for the benefit of your business.

Semester 2

In Phase II - Validation, the stage is set for MVP testing and validation, creation of a business Plan, creation of a pitch for fundraising, and deliberating on commercialization.

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  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing

    A must-do course for budding entrepreneurs as this is where you will learn how to avail the monetary resources to fund your great ideas, new ventures or infuse fresh capital in your existing organization. This course introduces you to the world of heavyweight financiers who call the shots behind the start-up screens.

  • Venture Team structure, Formation and Leadership

    This is not just about managing any team but about forming, managing and leading an entrepreneurial team who share the ideas, zeal and passion of a burgeoning new venture or help infuse the entrepreneurial mindset into existing teams to help them be more agile and solution centric.

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategies

    The course helps you understand how to give birth to new business ideas, explore innovative and creative solutions within the boundaries of your existing business. This is also about helping even budding entrepreneurs understand how they will scale-up their business once the euphoria of the initial new venture setup stage is over. While mostly oriented towards infusing the entrepreneurial zeal in-house within the organization), it will help entrepreneurs also understand how they will use this knowledge for their own Level II (the scale-up phase).

  • Personal Branding and Networking

    This course introduces the concept of personal branding. It is an ultimate need for budding entrepreneurs as they seek to establish networks and create relationships in this ecosystem.

  • Persuasive Communication and Storytelling

    Everyone likes a good story, specifically if there are interesting characters, emotions and a strong storyline. Business also loves a good story, specially the venture financers. This course helps you develop your communication to be more persuasive and your business pitch to be more engaging through the art of storytelling.

  • Foundation courses (Choice based – ANY three)
  • Human Resource Management

    This course introduces you to the concept of managing your human capital through various application-oriented processes from competency-based talent acquisition, to their engagement, performance management, development and retention of high-quality workforce using latest compensation and reward practices.

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing

    A must do course for every entrepreneur as, this is where you will learn how to avail the monetary resources to fund your great ideas, new ventures or infuse fresh capital in your existing family business organization. This course introduces you to the world of heavyweight financiers who call the shots behind the screens.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital business is the norm in this hyper competitive scenario. Hence this course helps you to leverage the potential of the digital domain fused with the fundamentals of marketing to reach your customers at even the remote locations.

  • Introduction to Business Analytics

    The course introduces you to data driven decision making using short modules on financial analytics, marketing analytics, people analytics, operation analytics etc.

  • Legal Aspects of Business

    The course deals with the legal aspect of business and essential requirements for its formation and execution. It introduces you to various legal frameworks and its application in real-business context scenarios.

  • Project Management

    This foundational course aims at familiarizing participants with various aspects of project management such as planning, execution, monitoring and testing of mega projects.

  • Project Formulation and Appraisal

    The objective of the course is to provide a good understanding of the field of project appraisal while stimulating interest in the subject so that students can link strategy with project appraisal decisions. It helps students in understanding methods to apply, analyze, evaluate the technical, market, economic, ecological, social and financial viability of projects.

Semester 3

This is the penultimate Phase III – Growth, where actions need to be implemented in the final stages of the Business Model Canvas. This is also the final evaluation round for the business plans and products which have been created and nurtured over previous phases.

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  • Summer Internship

    This is an opportunity to explore real life understanding of other entrepreneurial ventures, corporate work cultures, and also get an overview of startups and their workings. It gives a glimpse to future entrepreneurs of the business challenges and learnings from a grounded perspective.

  • Entrepreneurial Challenges and Industry Overview

    This course prepares you to feel sure about your new venture and ideas by means of the feedback and support provided by faculty and industry mentors through the Business Model Canvas final presentations. It also helps you in gearing up for real-life challenges with a solid understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Choice of any 6 Domain Electives
  • Disruptive Technologies and Innovation
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Entrepreneurship in Fintech and Blockchain
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Supply Chain and Operations Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Talent Acquisition and Management
  • Organizational Development and Change
  • Project and Infrastructure Finance
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Advanced Operations Research

Semester 4

The last and final semester is the real-life trial of the new ventures or domain-based business application projects created by budding entrepreneurs. It is totally hands on with a semester-end internship report submission and final evaluation.

By this semester, you’re urged to put all ideas, minimum viable products, B-Plans into action, and forge ahead. This is your big ticket to the real world, where you, a brand new entrepreneur, are ready to leave your own indelible mark as a proud NICMARIAN.

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1. The program is based on the concept of ‘Learning by Doing’. The format with a focus on immersive action-oriented learning will be conducted through application-oriented projects based on practical challenges and real issues complemented with a judicious blend of classroom lectures, guest talks, case analysis, videos, and peer-to-peer learning activities.

2. A faculty mentor will be assigned to every work group. The idea is to critically evaluate, question, analyze, and support to incorporate the learnings into individual businesses and orient participants towards being future ready.

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An enriching environment

Class Profile

Join a group of learners who are passionate about differentiating themselves, and are ready to transform the business world with their entrepreneurial spirit and hard work.

  • 20-28

    Average age

  • 20-30

    Students Per Batch

  • 8

    Average Courses Each Semester

  • 20

    Average Credits Per Semester


Our leader

Dr. Soumi Rai
Program Director, MBA EI

Soumi brings with her a combined experience of 22 years from the corporate sector and academia into her role as the Programme Director. She has published case studies on leading startup ventures like Nykaa, Zomato, BharatPe, and many more, and continues to pursue research in her area of interest on leadership and entrepreneurship. She has worked with the corporate consulting domain and across prestigious academic institutions like Symbiosis International University. She has worked on many prestigious assignments, including one with the Social Research Centre (WZB), Germany.

Soumi is a researcher in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, diversity, generational and cross-cultural issues, having published numerous case studies, book chapters and research articles across reputed peer-reviewed national and international publications. She is also the recipient of NICMAR Research Excellence Award 2019.

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Admission Requirements

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised institution or university are eligible for this program.
  • Students are required to have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks at graduation level.
  • This program is also open to students who are in their final year of graduation. However, they must have completed their graduation before the commencement of this program.
  • Eligible students are invited to appear for the selection procedure, which comprises Post Graduate NICMAR Common Admission Test (PG-NCAT), Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Rating of Application (RA).


  • What are the benefits of pursuing this program?

    As an individual who sees themselves as a next-gen leader, entrepreneur, and innovator, you deserve an edge in starting your entrepreneurial journey on a strong footing. By virtue of being offered by NICMAR - a premier institution with a legacy of four decades - this program allows you to leverage not only our leadership in the construction knowledge domain, but also our stellar network of alumni and industry contacts.

    What’s more, we’re supported and sponsored by leading construction giants, which has helped us create and nurture some of the top entrepreneurs in the CRIP (Construction, Project, Infrastructure and Projects) domain. As a student of MBA EI, you will truly be in great hands that have transformed curious individuals into strong, passionate entrepreneurs that actively contribute to the growth of the economy.

  • Does the program provide any placement opportunity?

    Most students who successfully complete the program are expected to incubate their startup or set up their entrepreneurial ventures. However, full support will be provided to those intending to establish themselves as a corporate entrepreneur in leading business organizations through the NU placement process.

  • Why is the program covered in phase-based modules?

    This program is based on the concept of ‘Learning by Doing’. Thus, whatever is acquired as knowledge needs to be application oriented and tried out in the context of future entrepreneurial ventures. The program uses the FVG – Formation, Validation and Growth model of Entrepreneurship structuring the course curricula around these phases so that knowledge acquired in a particular phase can be applicable to the phase after that.

    For example, functional knowledge on economics, markets and finance, design thinking, ideation, strategic thinking, and new product development that is acquired in Phase I is applied in ideation, opportunity mapping and creation of a minimum viable prototype for the upcoming entrepreneurial venture. You’re encouraged to use application orientation through the action learning course – Business Model Canvas.

  • What is the outline for Phase IV (last semester)?

    The last semester, also called Phase IV, is the final semester where all the knowledge, learning, and application-oriented understanding is tested in the real-world scenario. Through either an industry internship or a new venture creation, budding entrepreneurs would get to try out their ideas, minimum viable products/prototype, and put the funds they may have won through various funding pitches into actual use by taking their venture forward.

    Those who opt for an industry internship will get exposure to the entrepreneurial side of corporate organizations, and be part of innovative teams and initiatives. The purpose of the last semester is to provide work-based learning to students, whether through their own ventures, startups, or being part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem so that they walk out with confidence, ready to take the world in their stride.

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